Hi I'm Shauna. Welcome to my blog. I am married to the love of my life, Donnie and we have two amazing little girls, McCoy Ann-Marie (9) and Italia Mellusi (6) and one little fella on the way, June 2016. I am the owner + designer of PPP.  My childhood was spent ripping up thrift store clothing making them my own out of the pure resource, in which my Grandmother Appropriately named me, "Poor Pitiful Pearl." While I graduated with a degree in fashion, my sewing training was birthed out of frustration to bring ideas that tortured me into real life. I have never had the patience for exact things that required massive detail, I might of cried during many pattern making classes only to realize that my "calling" was not in designing collars, zippers or anything fitted. Designing a wedding dress or anything that required perfection would be my ultimate nightmare. My passion in designing is finding the beauty from ashes, in thrown away objects... and birthing a culture of fashion that isn't forecasted and trending, but rather unique to our self... at our most imperfect, messy and authentic place in this world. That's my version of true beauty.

Turning rags into so-called riches, has been my motto in life. This concept is not only therapeutic but similarly spiritual for me... as God took the many broken parts in me and gave me a new life.  This kind of redemption is the love story of a lifetime and its what keeps me forging ahead through my imperfections and achievements alike. Its a miracle that God has provided such a life as this for me, and I plan to glorify him in all that I do, with the work of my hands... and in my ministry in home educating my children.  I am pretty much a one-woman business, with occasional help here and there when I am at my wits end. For the most part, I shop, design, sew, photograph all aspects of PPP... and fumble with the business end of marketing , book keeping and the day to days of keeping up with running a business. My training in all of the above has been unorthodox to say the least... but I guess that's what my version of keeping it real looks like. There are no smoke and mirrors here. Just a mama, making it happen with the resources she has been given. The Lord has multiplied my efforts faithfully, with people like yourself who have supported me over the years wearing my clothing. It is humbling, that this career has provided me the flexibility in my life to stay home with my children.

 I am not the greatest blogger. You wont find a ton of content here, DIY's or inspiring pins. I am pretty inconsistent as my time here is few, but I truly enjoy when I have the time to dedicate to it. This blog here is a mixture of PPP sneak peeks, business announcements, tid bits of my lifestyle....  including our life "around here" and sharing my passion as a home educator. I love meeting like minded people, so please say hello. 

In 2014, we moved on to some acreage, and started setting up a small farm ( still in progress: one animal at a time ) but coming from the sunny beaches of southern California, where both my husband and I were born, the reality of country life, is one that has taken some time to get used too and is equally exciting. When I am not working, or homeschooling, my new passions include all things  "homesteading"..in which I am collecting a library of knowledge on how to do the following: canning, gardening, milking goats, taking care of chickens, weaving, yoga, cooking, etc. Oh and we have a pony, which pretty much makes me miss the beach less, on those inevitable home-sick days.

 If you would like to connect better with me, be sure to find me on Facebook + Instagram....