New PPP Tonight 9:30 CST + Wall Mural with Hannah Bligh

I'm so excited about tonight's batch, without sounding like a brag, I will say at least I am pleased and wanted to KEEP so much of this stuff.
How cute is my cactus mural?
I cant even hate it.

God has been so gracious to surround me with such talented folks, like Hannah Bligh.
Hannah is my kids art teacher at Alla prima art, and also my friend who lets us ladies have fun tied dye & ceramic making parties. She is such a gem of a person. I could go on.

I was super excited when she agreed to paint me a new PPP backdrop on my back studio.
Flexible + diverse artistry for your home or business is her forte.
If you can dream it, she can paint it.
WHAT? ..... even more cool... she agreed to offer all PPP folks a discount.
Mention this ad and get $100 off your order.
That's crazy generous, Hannah!

 Start dreaming about that babies room mural, or even your business' sign?
I mean, don't be basic and get a sign when you can have a painting,  amiright?

Wall art / Hannah Bligh //
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Model: Kayleigh Wright

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