Dailys at noon today

Model: Brooke Villarreal, McCoy + Italia + Donovan Hursh 
Posting at noon, texas time


  1. Just a question. I get your posts very late. I haven't gotten this one yet. Was just checking to see what else had sold and found the new items. It isn't a problem when you're posting the next day. And there isn't really anything I wanted to purchase from this batch. But I'm just wondering if you know why this is happening. I love your line of clothing and look forward to seeing your new creations. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey girl,
      do you follow our instagram? thats a good source for following along post times. Im a mama of three so sometimes i dont even know when i will have time to post until the day of, so that may be why you are not seeing these blogs until the day. I do try to give atleast a 24 hour notice, but it dosent always work out that way.... but def follow our ig, that i try to update right as im posting too

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