Daily Doses + a game.

My models can all tell you, I always ask them the question during a photoshoot.
"if you had to guess which one will sell first or most likely... which would you pick?"
its a dorky little game i play, and I love hearing their answers.
Truth be told, I am always wrong when it comes to post day. The things that are my personal favorites sometimes hang out for a bit longer than i expect. its kinda funny that way.

When you design clothes for a living, you have to remember there are people besides yourself that have different colors that flatter them, or different styles in general. For example, I dont wear pink, i just dont look good in it... but i admire people who can pull off a pretty pink floral. but I always gravitate towards darker colors... more unisex colors for some reason for myself.

yet, I always design with florals.... florals are gorgeous.

I love lace. Like LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
and patchwork, give me allllll the patchwork.
I also love color.... but more than COLOR>.... i love mixed prints.....
In each batch there is usually a couple favorites....of mine.
From a design perspective, there are favorites that I know took me more effort and turned out well, so im proud of them....
and then there are peices that maybe took less effort, but they tend to be my favorite, because id wear it everyday....if it was mine.

So knowing all of this: here is the game.
first commenter to comment below < on the blog >
wins a 20% off discount on their order.
{ discount must be used within one month }

Can you guess what my personal favorites are of this batch?
two answers??

1. My personal "design" favorite... that i am most proud of
2. The thing id personally wear the heck out of it were mine.

The FIRST person to guess these two answers correctly,,, win a 20% discount code.
be sure to leave your email, so i can send you the code if you win.

Why am i so excited about this dorky little game?
lets play. 

Model: Lauren Hernandez

This batch will be posted Tuesday night at 8pm. Tx time.


  1. 1.floral halter dress
    2. The overalls

  2. 1. floral halter dress
    2. lace halter

  3. 1. Floral halter dress
    2. Denim jacket

  4. 1. Tube dress with the camo pocket
    2. White halter tank

  5. 1. Overalls
    2. Tube top with lace highlow

  6. 1. Patchwork Halter Dress
    2. Aztec Halter Top (Black or Dark Blue)

  7. 1. the lacey halter
    2. the short maxi w yellow in the back. that thing is CUTE!!!
    astrid_54@rocketmail (dot) com

  8. 1. Patchwork Dress
    2. Lace Halter


  9. We have a winner! Vintage redhead :) emailing you now with your discount code!
    YAY, you know my style well. xoxo