Pregnancy Journey.... with Donovan

Pretty sure these two pictures are the only two from my first trimester. I was so so so sick.

I remember being so relieved that I could eat Thanksgiving Dinner without it coming back up.
My bestie Selena was in the " home stretch" of welcoming her baby boy.

15 weeks here, I felt HUGE. Now looking back, comical.

and the weeks went on,
My second trimester was awesome.
I felt so energized and happy.

and the dreaded last trimester { which went really fast, thank God }
I spent most of my time peeing.

 I am thankful I tried to atleast capture a photo from each month. With McCoy and Italia's pregnancy I was so vain, that I refused to take pictures and I am so sad I only have a few from that season of my life. Being huge and uncomfortable { and all the other weird things that happen to your body, fellow moms know } is not something I will miss ever!
This pregnancy went pretty fast for me, actually. Maybe because I knew it would be my last.
Maybe because we struggled with infertility for years before hand.
Either way, I believe I savored it and stored it in my memory bank.
I am so grateful ... and beyond excited that in a couple days I will be holding our son.
The baby we have prayed about having for years.

I asked the LORD to give me this boy, and he has granted my request.
1 Samuel 1:27

In PPP News: 
Hey friends, quick update! Anything ordered today { friday june 17th } will be shipped out tomorrow morning... otherwise there may be a slight delay as my due date is sunday { and i have always delivered on my due date strangely } in that case, your package would be shipped when i return from the hospital. I wont be able to attend to emails, so please do not send me any additional notes regarding your package in private email/ etc. Please just put any of these important notes in your order on big cartel. Lastly, I will be taking a short break from posting any new PPP for a couple weeks. I will still be shipping sold items during this time so feel free to shop, in fact I encourage you to shop... because it helps fund my time -off with baby. hehe. So excited guys, can't wait to introduce you all to our son.   hugs, Shauna


  1. Love this! Congrats Shauna and best wishes for you and your baby boy.

  2. The black & white of you and Chancho is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending love & prayers for a magical, quick and safe delivery.

  3. You are beautiful! Thanks for sharing these! Peace and Blessings on your birth! Can't wait to see him!