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How do blogger mamas do it? Its one thing I "try" and yet sitting down and capturing moments escape me... maybe because instagram is just too easy... blogging seems like a greater task. Today I sat down and read through some older blogs from three years ago and I was so glad I wrote them down. I am going to attempt at catching up some. Here Goes:

I spend my mornings homeschooling, till about lunch we break and get outside. Some days are a piece of cake and other days I wonder why I torture myself { keeping it real } Always though, at the end of the day Im so thankful for both the easy and tough days the same... spending time with these gals is my greatest blessing.

HOMESCHOOLING TIP : Homeschooling can only be attempted if you delegate MANY chores. A full house during the entire day means a messy house. Me and messy houses don't mesh. I can't do messy houses... I can't think normal or be a nice person. { working on that } Truth be told, I think a therapist would have a fun time with me, when ANYTHING BAD happens to me { bad news of any kind } I start rigorously cleaning my house... and it brings me peace. Weird.. I know. So, my kids have a chore list, they get an allowance... everyone is happy

My Mom bought the girls this awesome slack line.... and the girls spend hours on it.
totally recommend it.

Easter came and went... " He is Risen "

 We had the honor of celebrating it with Everett. His very first Easter.

Another Grandma spoil, Donnie's mom sent this wonderful Keyboard that actually teaches you step by step how to play! Its such a great resource for our family since we live in the country and I already feel like we spend too much time driving to ballet/ soccer/ art etc. Having these lessons at home is amazing. 

And last but not least, I learned that Tj Maxx is actually awesome. Ive always assumed it wasn't.
I got these shoes for $14 and Im basically converted.

 Well, there goes that.
Now you have all the Hursh 411.

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