What we wore + Im a "Dance" Mom.

So here is what we wore on this beautiful February day, that feels like California.
This entire winter has been heaven for me.
Gentle breezes, 70 degree weather... its a Texas treat for this native California girl...let me tell you.

I have two different outfits going on... that's because to keep things real, my belt was digging into my belly making me nauseous... and that I guess is the end of belts for a while???
Then I got annoyed with my hat and realized I wanted to wear my hoodie.
See people? I try to dress up... but the casual life beckons me back home.
Truth is, if robes were acceptable in public...... ???? I might.

Maternity Tank Dress/ Gap
Stripe Halter Bra / Forever 21
Booties/ Vintage
Crochet jacket / Vintage
Bracelets/ Royal Hippie 
Hoodie/ PPP

Dallas Cowboys Meme halter Dress/ PPP
 Stretch Pants/ Old Navy
Lace up Boots/ Target
Cardigan/ Old Navy
Purse { full of chapstick and buddy bucks } / Target

Legit Ballet attire.
Do you notice the moon boots?
Yes, because we are serious about not wearing our canvas slippers on the sidewalk.
did i say legit?
we are dance people now.

So, yeah... I am a "Dance Mom".
I have commitment issues, one of the reasons my kids are homeschooled.
being lots of places and lots of different times is not how I am wired.
and yet,
I am "That Mom" Now... despite all efforts to go against the machine.

McCoy has always wanted to do ballet { since she was in the belly}
The woman who did her ultrasound told me she had shapely ballerina legs.
She said in all of her years doing ultrasounds, she had never seen such shapely baby legs.
to which Donnie rolled his eyes, and started collecting guns.

Anyway, fast forward years after her birth, at age 3 we put McCoy in her first ballet class.
and while she enjoyed it, we felt it was expensive and "cute" but not really teaching her much.
Instead we told her we needed her to learn things that were valuable like swimming { which could save her life } We told her that when she was older if she still wanted to do ballet, we would know it wasn't a " I want to wear a pretty tutu phase"
 and we would promise to find a great ballet studio to fulfill her "nutcracker dreams".

She swam for three years... until one day... she reminded us.
I love swimming, but my DREAM is ballet.
and so at age 9... we felt it was our responsibility to find the perfect studio that would challenge her.

Most of the moms at the studio we dance at, were Dancers themselves.
cutely living vicariously through their daughters... stitching up ballet slippers while they wait in the lobby. These moms are SERIOUS.. with alllllll the bobby pins and hairspray. 

Most of these kids dance 5 x a week and do competitions on Saturdays.
We settled with a compromise of 3/a week.
I feel its my job to facilitate these dreams for McCoy, especially since we are homeschoolers.
and so Three days a week.... we drive 40 minutes to a legit studio that offers the challenges McCoy truly desires...  and me???

I am hanging in there.. I'd actually go so far and say I'm thriving at this Dance Mom thing.

I am typically a perpetually late person but in this time that I have been a dance mom,
I have some how turned over a new leaf,
I have lunches and snacks packed on the spot.
School books packed, water bottles on hand. Gas tank filled...
 and I am usually about ten minutes early. Say what?
Its a huge accomplishment.
I'm growing up, y'all.

One thing I was realizing the other day is the benefit of having my kiddos spaced apart in age.
As kids get older, activities get more intense and time consuming.
I couldn't imagine having three kids who didn't drive with passions that begged for my efforts.
I am thankful that I can spend this time with Italia.... and that her soccer only lasts a short season.
Right Now, I'm chasing after this for McCoy.
In a few years Italia will have her turn to go gang busters.... on whatever she chooses.

and our baby boy, well he will have three moms... so this should be ALOT easier then!

Tell me about your super natural Mom hero abilities!
don't worry about bragging... this is a safe place...lol
Moms, we are awesome, aren't we?


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