PPP Recap + Suggestion Box

PPP is Up!
Some stuff is still available from Friday nights post. { shop here }
Make a note, I wont be posting anything new next week as I prepare for Hope Spoken.
anyone coming to Dallas? Id love to meet you.

Also great news, we will be officially back at the New Braunfels Farmers Market
Starting March 12th....

Im going to do a BIG shopping Trip next week, so if you have any suggestions please comment below. Im not sure if you have noticed, but I am paying close attention to the suggestions and trying my best to meet your needs. I'ts working out quite well so far, so thank you for commenting here and letting me know.

With Spring right around the corner, some things to think about.
1.What will you wear for Easter? We have some gorgeous Hybrid + Meme Halter dresses coming.
2. Coffee in the Ams + Smock Tops are returning.
3. NEW Warm weathered styles emerging!

So excited....Spring time is my favorite season to design for.
The weather welcomes so many styles back!

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