PPP Recap + Suggestion Box

Hope you loved this batch as much as I did.
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Remember after every recap, I open up a "suggestion box"
please feel free to comment on the blog with suggestions/ items you wish to see in the future.
Ie: More of a particular style or size etc.
I can keep your suggestions with me next time I shop!

Also, did you have a favorite?

Have a great night.


  1. Ruffle tees and bell sleeve tees please

  2. I adore the bloomers so so much!! Those black ones w the mexi pockets were to die! Lots of curves over here so anything to fit M-L (or just L) are greatly appreciated! Thank you Shauna for all you do! XO

  3. Hey girl! I would love to see more large and XL sizes in your bloomers and shirts. No matter what size I am I always go large XL even if I am a medium! Just a suggestion!!! Not all of us are itty bitty cuties like you ;)

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