Recap + NEW Special Request information

                       There are still a few pieces from this batch up for grabs ------> go shop here

After each "recap" post from here on out,  I will be asking if you have any special requests.
Since I will not be taking custom orders anymore, I think this is only fair. Id still like to do my best to accommodate you all.. sometimes all it takes is me knowing what you want/ are looking for.
Sometimes, I just can't make it happen because I am unable to find certain fabrics / sizes etc.
But I promise you, I will try..try...try.

If you would like to see more of a certain style or size, please add it to my comments here on the blog. I will then print out your requests here and take them along with me when I go hunting for my treasures. Please avoid sending special requests to Facebook/ email, because I get a lot of messages in different places, and I truly forget over time all that emails I read.
If you comment here, it will be easy- peasy in one place.
make sure you leave your email, so i can follow up with you.

So feel free to start on this recap.

Do you have any special requests? styles? sizes?
What was your favorite of this batch?


  1. I like the hearts on the sleeves ❤️ I say since spring break is just around the corner make some tube tops and halters and maybe scarf dresses.

  2. I like the heart on the sleeve shirts maybe make them plus size?? or any thing plus size??

  3. Coffee in the am's!!! {coffee not required} ❌⭕️

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