Baby Belly: 15 Weeks

 I have about three actual photos from each of my pregnancies with McCoy & Italia... 
Pregnancy has always felt less than glamorous for me and back then I wasn't interested in documenting my belly grow. I now realize how silly that was..... and promised to myself to make efforts with this pregnancy to keep better record of things.

This pregnancy got off to a rough start. I couldn't exactly document belly pics when all I could think about was surviving the day. If I managed to eat a whole meal without barfing it up, it was a good day. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow, and I am glad to report I am doing so much better. Not only am I holding solid meals down without a hitch, my overwhelming sense of smell has calmed down allowing me to tolerate being in crowded places with lightly showered people. 

I am still totally exhausted after minimal tasks... and have lost my ambition to do much besides read and snuggle. I feel in a way, I'm on a retreat type of vacation. The days before Christmas I might have usually spent hustling about here and there, instead I spent devouring three books in three days curled up on the couch with Chauncho my dog. When I do get a burst of energy I make the most out of it and am incredibly productive, which usually is followed up shortly with a nap. I'm expecting to get my super -hero second trimester energy any day now. {here's to hoping}

2016, I don't have a list of resolutions or goals like I normally do, but one thing I would like to get back to being better at is blogging. Both my girls have solid documentation of their childhood in past blogs.. that I have been able to print out and keep. From teeth lost, to their first swim without floaties, my past blog I set to private after all these years, but I still go back and read to remind myself of these special memories. Blogging has gotten away from me as of recent  because my business has been incredibly time consuming. With customs nearing the end come February, I expect to have a more sane approach to my work routine and lifestyle overall....  again { here's to hoping}

Its been a while since I have grown a baby and so can we discuss maternity clothing?
Ugh, maternity clothing is so ugly,  has it always been? I can't even remember.  Are there awesome maternity staples that I don't know about?  If so, please fill me in. I am not interested in anything tight or suffocating. Right now, I am so thankful for my stretch pants, sweat pants, maxi dresses and this awesome skirt from Firedaughter Clothing. This skirt was not intended to be a maternity skirt but with zero "digging into my hip" elastic, it is my most comfortable thing in my closet currently. 

Lastly, if you haven't caught our recent reveal video, we are having a baby boy.
I never had a brother and have no experience obviously with raising a boy at all, so boys of moms please share your favorite tips and stories with me.
When we imagined our family, we imagined the missing "hursh" was a boy. Which always seemed silly at the time verbalizing it after many years of not getting pregnant and suffering a miscarriage.
We started to question ourselves and at one time, tried to even talk ourselves out of believing that God really did have this for us. Its easy to stutter the popular saying "Gods timing is always perfect
but truly he has shown us in the here and now, it couldn't be more true. The waiting is never easy, but the reward is great... and we are so beyond thankful.


  1. If you find out about cute maternity clothes, please fill me in. I have not found any!!! I'm so excited for you babe!!! xoxo

  2. I'm pregnant with my third too!!! Can't wait to get past this not-so-fun first far as maternity clothes go, with my last kiddo I was in my last trimester in the middle of summer in Arizona... 8| so I had to get creative. I went to Ross and dug around and found non-maternity clothes that worked as maternity clothes, like loose, flowy shirts, lots of maxi dresses (in just one size up from my normal), and mumus hahaha. I actually found a really cute dress that really is a mumu but it ties in the back and is soooo comfortable and doesn't look mumu-like really at all. In my opinion, I've always thought pregnant women should just be allowed to be naked all the time. :P Clothes are so annoying when you're pregnant! :D You look great though, and best of luck!

  3. You look adorable no matter what you wear! Where is the reveal video?

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