Sneak Peek + heartfelt note.

posting new PPP at 7:30 Pm Texas time.
Model: Tawny Gunther

Okay, so today was hard. My heart broke a little when i came across a video of a young 18 year old insta-famous model, Essena Oneill. Watch the video for this note to make sense. While as an adult, I can still get caught in the grips of insecurities, I am more aware at 37, that social media is not real life.. and having "likes" does not offer any value to our real life on any kind of significant level, yet... I consider myself lucky because I didn't grow up on Facebook and instagram. I never felt body image pressure in high school or in college. Ofcourse there were pressures of other kinds, but I didn't have a feed to scroll through of other women in thongs modeling seductively. I am so thankful.

The thing that's hard, is that I design clothing for a living. My clothing is fun, artful and playful, but in no way shape or form will it make you prettier or better if you wear it. At the end of the day, it is only clothing. I need to love what I do, and the only way I can stand behind being in the fashion field, is by promising you, that clothing will not make you happy. { maybe for a second } but only God can fill the gaps of our everlasting need for attention and validation.

I want you to shop PPP, because you respect the art of it, and it helps you express your uniqueness.
That's what PPP is made for.
If it makes you feel pretty, and powerful than I hope that comes from the fact that the clothing invokes a spirit of inspiration to live out YOUR lifestyle to its fullest without worrying about name brands. { even if PPP has become one }

I also want you to know that most of my models are very young because they have more free time to model, than a mother lets say with three children. I also aim to pick models who are diverse looking, but I live in Texas... and we are not a very cultural affluent state. I do what I can. I want you to know that all shapes, sizes, hair colors, freckles or not, flat chested or big busted, etc girls own beauty.
I have not been able to hire models who are really big busted or shorter than 5'3 because I need my models to fit in all 15 of the items I design at random... so pants need to always fit, and tops need to fit consistently too. I try to make a variety of sizes in each post since all of my clothing is one of a kind, which means my model needs to have a versatile body type to be able to wear both small, large, short and longer items in one batch.
This does not mean that I view this as the "only" form of beauty. 

lastly, I edit my photos gently, to make the colors of the outfit bounce and to add softness to a photo. 
I do not airbrush, blemish edit, or reconstruct any of my models for any reason.
All of my models are real people,  and they are beautiful souls....they have genuine feelings... so commenting my models are too skinny, or saying you prefer another model on the other models photo is wrong. { i know my awesome customers would never dare do this, but I have had to erase some rude insta comments}

I want my daughters to grow up and be proud of who they are, imperfections and all.
I also want them to have confidence and believe they are beautiful.
the only way to fully embrace ourselves as beautiful, 
is to dig deep to acknowledge the person God created us to be.
I know, I am not in the fashion world, to climb my way to the top, and to race to get more likes on instagram or any platform for that matter. I want to keep my passion pure at heart.
I hope that PPP will inspire you to seek your " lifestyle" 
in real life, with true beauty that comes from within,

Sincerely, Shauna


  1. This is inspiring and you are a beautiful person! Thank you for PPP!

  2. What bothers me is not seeing models of only a few tiny sizes, it is society's increasing desire to favor one body type over another or tell men they should only be attracted to "skinny" women and vice versa. People are beautiful. I understand needing someone who can fit in different sizes. You can always put an XL on an XS model but you can't put an XS on an XL body. I enjoy seeing your clothes and following you but I have never purchased anything because more than likely it won't fit. That does not offend me. I also know that not everyone can participate in everything. Skydiving looks fun but I am 99% never going to participate in that either and that is okay. We are all unique. If we weren't the world would be a boring place.

    1. totally understandable. I had a few larger models, to whom moved on, getting pregnant, or got too busy with college. if you have followed me at all for any length of time, you would see my varying shapes of body types. unfortunately, I live in a small country town, and the younger girls are all very small. I do my best. Im always on the lookout for varying body types and cultural differences, thanks for your input.

    2. Oh I definitely am not saying anything bad directed towards you. I love your clothes. Basically, I was saying I understand. I have followed you about 4 1/2 years or so maybe 5.