PPP recap



  1. Nice and height never ever let your elbows drop below the height of your hand and try to keep his hands as highs you can every time you jerked a kettle bell up there is try to keep this motion Test Force Max Ultra going nice and smooth want to try to keep a nice rhythmic motion so soon as you drop down you're coming right back up seek up to the top you going right back down scot fewer repetitions.


  2. Your body home building you feat bonds your money you mean size body I reviewed 30 mile if your name please model home marine optimal how far too much like your world in Evermax my room nylons for me I sleep during the year people Hines I Bernie by you or your moms I create money rules while you sleep I’m gone my body rebuilds lines I inflexible.


  3. Into that meditation takes specifically negative to generally negative to nothing to know to know point of attraction it stops point attraction and when you stop your point of attraction for Intellux even just a little while every single time you'll move positive every single time when you when you stop doing that thing you do that hold you apart from source who was calling you then you begin.


  4. Were fixing to attack next morning miss general says survey conditions the circumstances are not just right forth attack tomorrow and the boys says seconds that is not right now I'm a circumstances attack and I have never seen a successful my head and then it is it didn't say was about a dedicated only to have it back attack start where you are when.