Hursh Road Trip DAY 1. Getting out of TEXAS

Long trips... Make you do things you wouldn't normally do like:
Take pictures in gas station bathrooms.
 poop in the middle of nowhere { Tornillo? } 

and Eat out of the back of your car.
The realization of how living in a state where EVERYTHING is bigger, is something you are not proud of all of a sudden when trying to travel Out.. seeing the New Mexico sign was probably the best day of my life.
We were weary and hungry. 
and so pumped to see our KOA... and settle in for our first over night adventure.
It was also a little chilly, which was wonderful for us Texans.

                                We got in late and the only restaurant that was open was this one.
At this very moment, I started to second guess to my decision to spend our twelve day vacation this way. What was I thinking? Hawaii by plane was sounding fantastic right about now.
Eating at restaurants with a vinyl banner for a sign and a broken address was not sounding very appetizing.... and the food wasn't all that great either. We were too tired and hungry to care.
Day 1. in the books.
Stay tuned for Day 2.... because I can't leave you hanging like this, right?

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