DAY 2: White Sands NM > Arizona

The most exciting thing about day 2 was the anticipated joy of making coffee in our airstream.
Call me an addict, but I had great expectations for this moment.
it did not disappoint.
We had a leisure morning at the KOA dog park and got ready to head out. 

New Mexico, Alamogordo was an armpit. 
But White Sands, was certainly worth it.
Plus it was a little  " homeschool" on the road.

The White Sands are a must see.
275 Million years ago a shallow tropical sea covered this place and slowly over millions of years it fell and the water evaporated leaving gypsum deposits behind. How cool is that?

Donnie is famous for losing/ mis-placing his sunglasses and so he had to borrow Mccoy's because it was a bit bright for his eyes. It was actually comical, as I was trying to capture a picture of him.
I think he can pull off pink aviators quite nicely though.

and then we drove, 
and we drove some more.
These neck pillow saved our lives!

Chauncho was the "dream" travel companion.
He was basically like a stuffed animal along for the ride. 

 We took lots of pee breaks... and couldn't resist the trading post.

and then we drove some more..
and our hatch flew up on the airstream and wouldn't shut.
So we had to pull over and deal with that for an hour or so....
That was a little stressful... but we managed to keep our road trip wits about us.
We anticipated this tour was not going to perfectly as planned... and so we practiced our abilities to roll with the punches.
We finally got to Arizona... late
We missed dinner with Samya and her family... but we were so happy to get there.
But that will be covered on Day 3 :)


  1. Love it! Those bright blue buildings made for some great back drops!

  2. Love it! Those bright blue buildings made for some great back drops!