Etsy Shop is officially closed

As many of you may have already saw, we discontinued several styles from our PPP grounded line, to make room for some fresh new styles coming for Fall.... and now with those items gone, our etsy shop is officially empty.

These items below are some of our best sellers from that line, and we love them too much to let them go. { among a few others, but we are still in process of moving some over }

We still get questions about our whereabouts on etsy, so hopefully this will help redirect our traffic.
We no longer sell on etsy, got it? Got it!

We have been exclusively selling online on we use big cartel as our shopping cart { which yes, takes both credit cards and paypal }
But you don't have to remember that… just go to our main site
and click the "Shop" link.

psst. make sure to click on " products" so ALL of our items show up for you to browse.
I know change can be tough when you have become accustomed to our etsy layout .
we promise that change is good... we are loving our new location, its actually very simple and we here to help if you have any questions.

Easy-Peasy. Xo

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