MEET the Hursh Dogs + Pony

Meet The Hursh Animals.
everyone here minus the hamster and the three little snails Italia keeps.

I thought this would be a fun blog to document as our mini farm grows.
We have a wish list of future pets, milk goats, chickens and a donkey to name a few.
Us Hursh's love animals.
and yes, 
Animals are A LOT of work... but they bring unexplainable joy.
 for me, it's depressing to imagine living in a home without an animal.

In fact, Donnie and I spent many of our first few dates taking our dogs to the Pv Cove.
When Donnie's best friend attempted to set Donnie and I up,
his approach was a  good one "You guys both have dogs!!!, and live on the avenues... you guys should walk your dogs together".   The rest is history.

So lets meet our fur babies:

1. Lindy Lu -  the pony, our newest addition.
She came with the house.  It was meant to be. She was wild... and unpredictable.
With each day, she warms up to us... and our future goals after training will be that the kiddos can ride her.

2. Zorro- this one.....  Bird dog fox terrier. This breed is CRAY. everyone needs to have a black sheep in the family., i guess. he is it. he drives us crazy.... but we love him so much. 

3. Jefe- the sweetest and most gentle chocolate lab you ever met. {and the most handsome }
4. Chauncho- spoiled, spoiled and more spoiled.
id give up my side of the bed of for this fella.
he is a real life teddy bear and is so patient with the kids. 
he will let Italia carry him around in choke hold. {don't worry, not a real choke hold }
SUCH a good dog.

I can't wait to share more in the future as our animal kingdom grows.

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