Huge Sale this Saturday for all to enjoy: not just the locals.

HUGE SALE THIS SATURDAY AT THE New Braunfels Farmers Market .... from 9-1. Come with a friend and BOTH buy a PPP piece and get 40% off! Yup..... if you can't find a friend, thats ok... come wearing your PPP and get 30% off your order. // Also, for non-locals.... we will extend this awesome sale to you as well.... Our online will be up and ready to go at about 3pm.... you can take a pic of you wearing your PPP { has to be a new picture } Tag us in Instagram or FB /// and get 30% off your order. Code: SATURDAY30. The deal only lasts on SATURDAY. No exceptions. The photo and the deal are redeemed on same day. < remember the site will be on " maintenance mode" while we are at market.... but will be up at 3pm. LOTS OF DEALIOS. PPP heart emoticon's weekends. Woo.

Sale Code can not be used on customs, only already made merchandise. Thanks for understanding. 

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