Around Here....

The airstream has sat in our driveway for almost two years.... and instead of using it, we gutted it ambitiously. but with life and its busyness never had the time to finish what we started.
Gladly, I can say, we have been committed to saving our pennies, to put this thing on the road. Its one of those initial costs, that pay off afterward.. and I'm thankful Donnie can do the work.
While Donnie worked on the airstream, the girls played on the waterside, the pony mowed the clovers, and I ran around snatching photos, cooking tacos, and designing airstream pillows. All this after an awesome worship service at Austin Stone, and a yummy lunch at snack bar. No complaints on today, truly.

Second thoughts, I do have one small complaint. I wished I could get Lindy Lu to look up for a picture. She was too fascinated with grazing to care.
Pony's do what they want, ya know.  

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