Sentimental about changes + Sneak Peek + Michele's Big News

Remember when I said that I love change?
I always say that.... because I really do looooove change.
but ill admit, some changes have me feeling more sentimental than others.

This will be Michele's last shoot with PPP for a while, 
because my sweet friend is pregnant with Baby #3.

While editing her pics tonight, I have been reminiscing over the years.
I remember when I first asked Michele to model for PPP.

At the time, I was heavy hitting the Farmers Markets every Saturday.
 I knew enough about Michele already to know I really liked her, but I didn't know her very well.
Michele was walking by my tent at the Farmers Market as she so often did on Saturdays with her family at the market. She stopped by to say hello... but was quickly whisked away by her kiddos and their excitement to get food and what not. When she came back around on the way out and we were saying goodbye... I looked right at her... and thought..... THAT'S her...! My blond Model.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, so I blurted out with excitement.
"You should model for PPP."!!!
and she bashfully replied... " me"?
I then felt insecure, like maybe she was too busy, or cool { because she is really cool }
Most of my models are not moms, because lets face it, moms have more important things to do.... and they honestly don't have a ton of free time.
and so I explained.... " if you aren't feeling it, I totally won't be offended"...
She then laughed back, " Id love too, but if I am terrible at it, please don't feel bad firing me".
We giggled... and I assured her that would be impossible.

as she walked away, I remember loving her humility.
She is absolutely gorgeous... but God had given her such a humble heart.
I had a good feeling about having her on board, but I had no idea what kind of a friend I was about to be gifted with.

Doing photo shoots with gals for several years, means hours of talking, laughing and usually me asking questions about everything. I like to really " know" people... and I really do love getting to know my models. Michele is no exception, in fact Michele has become one of my closet friends.

Michele is the ying to my yang.
I'm a passionate emotional firecracker of a person, and she is a calm steady gentle friend,
who has talked me off the ledge many a times.
She is someone I genuinely look up to and admire for her authenticity and honesty.

A couple years of modeling for PPP... and Michele has now a closet full of PPP.
and I got the best end of the deal, a friendship with someone I feel majorly blessed and inspired by.

So many changes as of late, The PPP showroom relocating.
The big cartel site for one of a kind... and partial leaving etsy.
and now, Michele is pregnant with her third baby.
and while Michele could certainly still model, 
She has chosen to slow down and relax a bit.
which she absolutely deserves.

I will miss doing shoots with her though.
I don't think any of my other models like to talk about water purification systems and 
coconut pellets... but that's a whole other story. { we can talk for hours }

I am especially thankful for PPP at times like this,
when I realize God has used my business as a a vehicle.
A vehicle to establish friendships like the one I have with Michele.
My models all have a special place in my heart, and its awesome to be able to go through these awesome seasons in life with them.

Congrats Michele, Patrick, Oliver and Lulu,
I am looking forward to meeting Baby Winn #3.
I love you all so much . XO


   This batch of NEW PPP will be up Tuesday.
Time will be announced on Instagram + FB.

Bracelets/ Cuffs : Royal hippie / Bungalow Prov Co.
Burlap Trucker Hat : Hippy Tree
Big Sur is for lovers tee: Mate the label
Model: Michele Winn

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