Saying Goodbye to the PPP Showroom >

Its crazy to think its been a full year since we opened up the PPP Showroom. As we approach our lease coming to an end, we made a quick decision to not re-sign which means we will be moving out 6/1.

The Showroom was created last year for the most important need at the time, which was to get all of the PPP out of my house, so I could re-gain my home. At the time, I lived right up the street in a small house that was over flowing with fabric and threads. It was a scary leap, but "needed" none the less. I also wanted a place for locals to be able to shop in person., so instead of making this place just an office space, we aimed to call it a showroom, where people could browse our designs in person. It was the perfect location, near our friends at 2tarts bakery and other awesome local businesses... and to top it off, our landlords were amazing people as well.

After moving out a bit to the country, coming to the shop was becoming not as necessary for me. Instead it was proving to be the opposite, inconvenient  I slowly moved my machinery back home, and was planning soon to move the fabrics home as well, so I could design from the comfort of my own home.  My new home has an entire back house that could be a dedicated office, and the best part, is I could design whenever feeling inspired and not having to work around store hours. Our design space/ showroom was slowly evolving into only "a retail space"... which was never the original intention.  It also was blurring the lines with our other wholesale accounts near by, and not allowing us to sell to their shops, which is really what we want for PPP, is to be more mobile, to stretch far and wide.. in other places, beyond New Braunfels.

After doing taxes this year, we didn't see an increase in sales with our new reach of a store location, only additional overhead. We seemed to sell just as well  online and at Farmers Markets... which led us to believe, our same customer was shopping online and in our store.  While I know the showroom was convenient for many shoppers, the showroom was proven by the numbers to just not be necessary.

We have decided to focus our efforts on selling to our online audience, farmers markets { yes, we will be back } and our select wholesale accounts.  With what we do, since "design" is our main focus, we feel this will allow us more time to travel with PPP, create new and exciting ways to market our brand... and also focus on the quality of our designs.

We will be having a showroom sale only { not online }
for all locals who come to shop these following dates,  13,14,15,16, 20th.
The sale will be anywhere from 10-50% off select items.... 

< Our last shopping day will be Wednesday the 20th. >

You can still come and order customs, but they will be shipped back to you instead of picked up.
We will keep you all posted on future Farmers Markets dates, and the local shops that will carry PPP, so you will still have plenty of opportunity to shop PPP locally.

We want to thank you for being so supportive to PPP.
I should say its bitter-sweet, because that is what one might think...
but I am honestly more excited and confident, that this is the absolute right choice.
It was fun while it lasted, but change and "new" things are always calling my name.

Life is fun that way. Thanks for adventuring with us.
Stay tuned to our blog for future details. 

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