Sneak Peeks with Selena

Today was crazy cold.
I had two photo shoots planned { the sun was shining, I had designed a ton of tube tops }
and then the wind picked up outta no-where.
So instead of photographing all 30 of our new PPP,
We managed 12.

It was awesome having my bestie modeling for PPP again, she was the first ever PPP model, other than myself in California. She is so rad.... and I hope she will come model again.
She said when its summer time { ha-ha }.

NEW PPP FRIDAY 2:30 Tx time.

Model: Selena Fara
Feather Headdress: Wild & Free
Leather Cuff: Pure Soul Holistics
Studded Leather Cuff: Royal Hippie
Ring of Fire Necklace: Bungalow Prov Co.

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