Italia turns 5 //

 We break all the rules for birthdays. Italia requested Chocolate cake, with butter cream frosting, m&ms, brownies and sprinkles. She decorated this herself. It took her a good 1/2 hour. She was serious about this cake.  It was good at the first few bites, but afterward, we all were hurting, ha!

& then we did gifts.
and we got her a zipline, which basically means we ALL get a zipline.
Way too much fun today.

Funny because this year we postponed her birthday celebration, because February has a reputation of always being gross and dreary. Yet, this year, it was a perfect California like day with a gentle breeze.

Either way, we enjoyed our smaller family- celebrated birthday party.
When it warms up, we are taking our family vacation to Florida,
and to Disney World. { Us being Califonia folks, are by default disneyland people } so this is new one for us.

and you know,  The Grandparents decided, a 5th birthday calls for, one of those visits to Cinderellas Castle where they dress you up like the princess of your choice. Anyone ever do that before? It looks like a 5 years old dream come true.

Last night when tucking Italia into bed,
She said in the cutest little voice of hers.
Mama, I had no idea about that swing.
I didn't even know that there was a swing like that.
I didn't know I would even get that swing.
and its my swing.
but i didn't even know!
{ talking about the zip- line }

A girl who usually asks for barbies and toys, wasn't that sure when she saw her gift this year was a zip line.... but once she got to ride it, I think all of her barbie dolls were forgotten about.

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