Around Here... Summer Days in the Fall

 Today has been perfect.
I slept in.... for starts. it was grand.
McCoy had already started her bible & language at the computer and started laundry.
( just wait, when your kids are 8, life is great )

I read the bible and the kids played outside.
I wrapped my Valentines gifts and handled some bills.
I made lunch and Italia did the dishes.
( its an awesome phase she is going through )

I read a chapter in Chronicles of Narnia... (I already saw the movie).. but decided its better late than never to experience the better version of the story. 
McCoy drew a self portrait. 
Italia brushed McCoys hair.

We played with the dogs for hours outside.
The kids jumped on the trampoline.
Italia swung on her swing.
I cuddled up with Chauncho and sipped my topochico.
Italia took a million photos with my phone.

 Italia is now napping.
McCoy is finishing some math.
Donnie is on his way home.
 & on his way he is bringing my sewing machine home from the PPP showroom.
 I will get better use of it, having it at home again.
Not sure where I am going to put it however.
My house is itty bitty.

Its really quiet here.
and I love it.
The days of car stereo booms and ambulances are long gone.
Every now and then I hear my dogs will bark.
I will look outside and sure enough,
Lindy Lu, our pony has come up along side the fence.

Mondays... they say.
are pretty awesome in the country.

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