Ipods for the win

Last year McCoy requested a radio for her birthday....
She loves music and so naturally, I scoured the stores for " kid friendly options"
but what really is a kid friendly radio?
Being that she is 8 years old ( 7 at the time ), the baby style radios were much too babyish.
but the adult style radios, were much too risky.

This got Donnie and I into brainstorming.
How does one monitor what kind of music their older kids can listen too?
In the car, we always opt for K-love.... & when I get really tired of hearing the same stuff over and over.. Ill quickly skim through the other stations taking my chances to see if I recognize anything slightly Pg that we can enjoy. 

Having children makes you hear music differently, every lyric that you never paid attention to before.
All of these realizations leave me in disbelief  that I was listening to George Micheal and Madonna as a kid. and yeah, you know what songs I'm talking about.
I knew every lyric....

Anyway, to avoid having my children walking around singing miley or something
We decided to get McCoy an ipod last year instead with an iTunes card so we could select 
good music together. It was an instant hit.
McCoy was kind enough to share an ear bud here and there with her little sister and Italia always had the biggest smile when she did.

This year, Italia got an iPod for Christmas from her Grandparents in California.
An iPod for her own little 4 year old self, imagine the joy.
She isn't particularly good at taking care of things ( I mean she is 4 ) so I am constantly reminding her to pick it up so she doesn't step on it & reminding her to turn it off when she isn't using it.
But honestly, so far so good.

We are not a real electronic family, so this felt a little advanced for us at first.
Maybe you are reading this and thinking " duh, like 5 years ago"...
I can't compete with that, I admit I am embarrassingly behind on whats out there.
I just learned about leap frog this year... and I felt like I discovered God and all of his homeschooling angels.
But, for those of you who didn't know, the shuffle is very user friendly for kids and I absolutely love the easy "clip to their shirt" feature. 
We prefer our kids play outside and use their imagination instead of using lots of electronics.
but music is a thing, and I love that my children appreciate music.

and no, Apple did not endorse this blog. :)
I just wanted an excuse to share these cute pics of two adorable sisters sitting on their porch enjoying some tunes.

P.S. Seasoned Mamas, feel free to share your Music/Electronic/TV safety guidelines with me.
Id love to hear

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