Farmers Market + CSA

We joined a CSA, a few weeks ago and life is so much better now.
We eat a lot of food and we buy all organic.
We laugh and make jokes that our grocery bill cost more than our mortgage...
but it's really not funny. It sucks.

Recently, we started to try to figure out ways we could cut down on our bill
without compromising quality.
We get a large family box for $38/ week full of fresh local organic veggies
from Johnsons Backyard, Austin.
We pick up our weekly boxes at our local farmers market.
I look forward to each Saturday and stuffing my fridge full of plants.

We have saved a ton, and expect to save more, once we get our own milk goats and chickens.
Life in the country is so inspiring.
I think Italia was getting tired of wearing her boots and dirty clothes.
We have become so utterly casual and I love it.
Today, she overcompensated with pearls and a bow, to show that she is still a city girl at heart.

Happy Weekend xo 

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