Cabin Dress > My new favorite style

Say hello to my new obsession.
My new dress, pajamas and lounger.
I call it my "Cabin Dress"
My life right now in the country feels like a vacation from the real world.
When to go to your cabin, you go to relax, read, chill.
This dress is made from the same soft jersey you already love, and will also come in Olive.

This dress is very much an expression of how I feel right now.
I hope you guys will love it as much as I do.

PPP Grounded's New "Cabin Dress"
Today Was a little cold so I layered my dress over leggings before church.
Scarf // Kimchi Blue
"its a lifestyle" leather snap cuff // Pure Soul Holistics
Leather studded cuff // Royal Hippie
& Hey, I found my ray bans in my car that I thought I lost a year ago. { Happy Cry }
Boots // Sorel

These Dresses will be posted next week sometime!
I have about ten made for the showroom.
Come See us Wednesday.


  1. The model you chose for the dress is so pretty :-)

  2. that is so sweet of you <3 this is me. Not a model. But today i wore this outfit, so i thought id snap some pics!

  3. Hubby did a great job taking your pics and the 4th one from the bottom where you're kneeling w/your back to the fence is my very fave!