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My goals for 2015, are summed up by taking steps backwards instead of forward.
I know that sounds strange,
and weird for me to write it out.
Truth be had, I have always enjoyed the dreaming part of being an entrepreneur...
but at times I have not been realistic at the cost of success.

This year instead of hoping to grow PPP financially.
Id like to organize, maintain and build by strengthening.
Im realizing its not necessarily about selling more than 2014.
its about enjoying the process more than I ever have in previous years.

I love my job.
Yet, my favorite days are the days when I get to be home.
Make a slow breakfast,  home school and do a sewing project with them.
or teach them how to cook,
or play with the animals outside.
This is when I feel the happiest and most at peace.

This is why I started a home business in the first place.

As I went through my blogs over the last few years, I savored all the details of our life.
I never thought I'd forget, but I guess I had.
Some of the cute things my kids had said, or how McCoy looked when she lost her first tooth.
Or how Italia was just a baby in diapers only a couple years ago.
How did that all happen so fast ?
Where has the time gone?

So here are some around here's for my future self :

- Italia has been begging lately to wash dishes, and I love it. I know now to take advanatge of these hands on years... because they don't last. McCoy is absolutely over the excitement of chores.

- Italia has been experimenting with new words & using them totally out of context, which is hilarious. Just today, when she saw we had bought a new sponge  { for her to do dishes with } she exclaimed! "Mom, you are so appropriate and talented".

-McCoy begged for a hamster for Christmas and my Mom got her one. Happy to report, she cleans the cage every friday and never has to be reminded. She checks on his water daily and is constantly playing with him. She really loves animals and we have been impressed at how responsible of a pet owner she is.

-McCoy has been sewing her own barbie clothes... which pretty much makes my heart leap for joy.

- Italia's current favorite things: Gluten free Chocolate chip cookies, kombucha, barbies, her iPod, leapfrog letter factory and yup doing dishes. 

-McCoy's current favorite things: Art, Sewing, singing, humming, talking, playing with her hamster pony and dogs....

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