Around Here // Country Style

I still can't believe this is my life.
I am so utterly happy, its probably annoying...
We are still settling in, and I will catch myself several times through out the day saying out loud.
We are so blessed.... I feel the luckiest girl in the world.
Gratitude must be contagious, because McCoy and Italia echo these sentiments.

Funny thing is, my husband had been begging me to " Go Country" for almost 8 years now.
Having moved from the sunny beaches of southern California... I felt Texas was a big enough adjustment.  At the time,The fear of moving further out of the city to me, meant more isolation.
More of the same, empty feeling of "not belonging".
While I loved the "idea" of a quiet life, on acreage.... with chickens and a garden.
I was nervous my tendency was the glamorize the daily ins and outs of it.

And glamour it ain't.
My husband brings dead animals home now and eats them.
The kids are ripping and staining their special clothes and I'm somehow still smiling
When it rains, its really muddy.
Muddy boots mean muddy kitchen floors,
Everyone is a appearing a bit more disheveled than usual.
I should probably put on makeup and change my stretch pants... but I am just too busy petting my pony and cooking and drinking coffee.
and wearing cool comfy cabin socks.
Its freaking fabulous.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I belong right where I am.

Its quiet enough to hear that nothing sound.
which is an awesome reminder to talk to God.
I feel so much closer to him lately and less anxious in general.
I also do admit, I feel a lot less motivated.
Maybe for me that's the balance that needed to happen.

It's been hard to get back into the swing of working and exercising.
All I want to do is pet my pony, watch the kids and dogs run outside and cook.
Yeah, cook.
Isn't it weird? I used to "tolerate" cooking because it meant eating.
But lately, I find myself planning my meals, looking up new recipes and getting excited about having dinner ready for my husband.

Strange, strange strange things are happening to me!

So glad I decided to lay my agenda down and follow my husband along on his dreams.
Turns out, they were my dreams too.
God is clever that way.


and yes, a few of these kids items photographed here, will be posted later this week :) 


  1. Tears of joy for you all. Glad you followed your husband and found it to be all you need too! Enjoy the slow pace of nature and nurture that beautiful soul of yours. You deserve it! All my love , Sarah

  2. thanks friend. :) I hope you are enjoying your new adventure as well. The girls are so precious Im so glad I get to see pics of them here and there. XO