5 Ways to get your kids to drink veggies.

1. Add an apple and lemon { or two } to make the greens sweet.
An Apple or lemon can water down the bitter in just about any veggie.
I will say though, celery is an exception in my personal opinion.

2. Allow them to help you wash the veggies and or push them through the juicer.
Kids at these young ages love to be a part of the process, and they feel more connected when they prepared the meal.

3. Drink your Veggies!
yup, its that easy. If you get excited to juice your greens, your kids will most likely follow suit.

4. Invest in these nifty sippy lids by cuppow.
Magically turn any mason jar into an instant sippy cup. { not just for kids }
Sometimes presentation is everything for our kiddos.

5. If all else fails, bribe them.....  { jk }
I say J/K , Although in desperate times { especially during winter months }
 I have been known to do this.
"Drink the rest of that and we will go ride your bike"... I know, Im guilty.

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