My husband

Yesterday I was playing around with my camera in our new house to test out the lighting... and couldn't think of a better subject than my husband.  It's Monday today and he is obviously my #MCM.  One of my most favorite things about him, is that he has no clue what #MCM means. Not only that he is completely unaffected and uninterested in the Internet. I had to convince him to get on Facebook by telling him he was missing out on his friends sharing their family photos and at the time, one of his closest friends who lives in California had just had a baby..and he was wanting to see more pictures.
I also love that he has no idea that this whole " lumberjack" look is totally trending and very popular.
When I told him that beards and flannels were in, he was annoyed.... and didn't believe me.

Stoked I get to raise kids with this man, who is not only a solid father and person
but really cool and doesn't even know how cool he really is.