Around Here + Gone' Country.

Life in the country is such an amazing adventure. 
Zorro our dog who used the bark endlessly in the city, is shockingly quiet.
He is too busy running, sniffing and exploring.
Our three dogs are loving life, and the kids wake up every morning excited to run the pony out a carrot or two.
The girls have ruined so many of their clothes in just a matter of days here on the " ranch"
We call it a " ranchita" because its not like we have 100 acres or anything...
but even with almost 7 acres, it feels like a hundred to me.
 We have never been happier and dirtier.
its a funny thing to shed layers of city....
This is the happiest we have ever been.

The kids have finally named our pony.
"Lindy Lu" after one of their Grandmas Linda Lucido in California who adores horses.
We originally were told her name was Suzi, but she never responded to that name.
We have a lot to learn about ponies and country life in general.
I plan to order some books on taking care of ponies and other farm animals.
Us girls will take this on as part of a "Farm animal" homeschooling unit study.
We plan to get milk goats and chickens at some point.

Tonight, we have been assembling Italias new barbie house and McCoys new hamster cage.
I have chocolate chip almond flour cookies in the oven and Donnie is ripping up the carpet in our bedroom. Because of my allergies, carpet has never been a friend of mine.
Yesterday, I had a strong allergic reaction to what I think was multiple things, including the pollen count outside and possibly the carpet, but I was covered in hives and sneezed my face off.
Feeling much better today.

Allergies have always been such a thorn in my side since I was a kid.
I'm excited to start growing some of our own food and buying from local farmers here.
I know that my body always responds the best when i eat as close to "earth" as possible.
its a lot less tempting to make bad decisions at restaurants 
when there aren't any around, ha!

Besides, my country kitchen with the big bay window
just gets me excited to cook in general.

Feeling majorly blessed... and inspired.
Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas.
More pics of the " ranchita" coming soon.....



  1. I LOVE this and am so happy that you're happy because you deserve it. Can't wait to see what 2015 holds for you and your family!!

  2. thanks so much jana, :) we are so happy and are just loving every bit of this adventure.