Thankful + Sale

Did you know that when you buy PPP you are paying for McCoy's Swim team.
Italia's Pasta dinner.
Donnie's workboots ?

You are also writing a check to Lauren, who goes to college.
You are also employing, three Sewing helpers, two who are retired and able to now work from the comfort of their home.
And one sewing helper who is now so busy with PPP, who was able to leave their " real" job to do what they love.
 All US Citizens, who pay taxes.... all employed... because of you.
Because of your decision to buy handmade.

Did you know that when you buy PPP,
I am able to go thrift shopping 2-3 x a week.
buying items that support places like Goodwill & Salvation Army.
Did you know that we are also recycling thrown away fabrics... and not demanding more from the planet by textile manufacturing?

When you buy PPP,
You are teaching McCoy how to sew.
Teaching Italia work ethic as she watches her family.
allowing me, to homeschool my kids & keep them at home....
Allowing me to live my dream of creating and designing.

I am extremely THANKFUL for all of you!
You have truly made my dreams come true.
I hope that when you wear PPP, you feel the goodness you have supported..
because truly,. "it's a lifestyle".

Because we are thankful for you, we are offering you a sale.
It's our version of "Black Friday" if you will.
SATURDAY Nov 29th, 2014.
Discounts are as follows:
20% off all PPP { not customs }
50% off all summer tanks + shorts.
$5 Kids Deer Shirts { while supplies last }

Locals: You can shop our showroom from 11-6.

Our online shop Code: is poorpitifulpearl20
Discount codes can not be used in combination with each other.

If you would like to redeem the 50% off summer items or $5 Deer Shirts, please send us a convo so we can assist you in rendering the price.

Have the happiest of Thanksgivings. xo.

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