New PPP + Quinn

My Quinn is back from college, nabbed her up for a shoot.
You guys, its almost Christmas.

We are no longer taking custom projects until Jan 1.
We will be putting our online and physical store on "vacation" as of Dec 15th.
Stumped on Christmas gift ideas?… maybe a PPP gift card is the answer. 

We will continue to post NEW PPP in the store and online until our vacation date.
And just because we use the word " vacation " don't let it fool you.
If you need your PPP - Christmas fix... we will be setting up at the
Armadillo Bazaar from Dec 16-2th. Come & See us.

This batch of PPP will be posted MONDAY, 11am tx. time

Model: Quinn Pierson
Necklace: Velvet 
Photos: Shauna Hursh 

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