Cleaning out your closets for PPP Credits-

photo by Ashlee Newman.

I am a frugal person, hence the name "Poor Pitiful Pearl"
My career was born from turning rags into riches.
And no rich person ever digs through rags willingly.
So I started this venture scraping to make a living some how... and I have become addicted to recycling in the process.

Many people ask, where do you find all your fabrics?
I sigh, because its a loaded question with a long answer and many bittersweet feelings attached.
Short answer: Everywhere.
I bet you wish for my sanity sake, that there was one special " vendor " or place that sifts through the bad stuff and presents me with all the good stuff. But it is I ,who spends hours on hours each week combing through umpteen thrift shops, yard sales and the like.
There are times I feel I have hit the major jack pot, and or times I leave empty handed.
My livelihood depends so much on what I find, its a chief part of my job description.

Every now and then, a sweet friend will say " Hey, I got some stuff I am clearing out of my closet"
Ya want?
and being the thrifty gal that I am, I almost always accept this offer.
However in saying that, I have a very "narrowed" focus and I am looking for very specific things.
Sometimes I win...and sometimes I win big. Its worth the rummaging.

So lets talk about cleaning out our closets.
It feels good to purge out the old, and make room for new.
truth be told, if you haven't worn something in 6 months, it may indicate it needs to go!

If your wheels are spinning already at the prospect... read on :

This may be a great way to earn some PPP bucks. I am going to start offering up donations of WASHED and decent condition clothing.
In saying that, I realize this can also get out of control fast... so I had to really think on this and lay down some guidelines.

Here goes:
I will accept your Donations by appointment only.
How do you make an appointment?
by email:
please do not Facebook or etsy on this... only the email above to keep things organized.

What kinds of things will we accept? 
Sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, tshirts, dresses, etc. Vintage Sheets, pillowcases, doily's, tablecloths, curtains, towels, you name it.

Try and think " PPP " while rummaging: we love prints, colors, florals, etc.
We also love Band tees, flannels, kids clothes, team shirts, collegiate gear. 

I couldn't possibly tell you EVERYTHING I would accept but I can at least tell you what we for sure won't take.

What kinds of things will we NOT  accept? 
This is really important, ANYTHING unwashed I can not take.
I am allergic to cigarettes and cats... so please be nice and wash.
Also.. its just cleanliness.... and I don't want to smell your skin. :)

No underwear, bras, socks, shoes, or thrown in junk. { unless they are really cute shoes in my size, ha-ha }
Bring all items nicely folded in a bag or box with your name on it.
Be prepared to take all items back that we do not wish to keep right then and there.
We don't have the space to hold anything.

Please also be mindful of making an appointment you are prepared to keep.
We are going out of our regular schedule to make this happen.
Thanks ahead of time for being considerate.

We pay in PPP bucks { aka: store credit }
We do not pay in cash. 
We will credit things at "thrift store" prices.
So please keep in mind we are not trying to offend you...
even though you bought  "that dress" for $70.
We will most likely only credit you $2-$3.
At best $5.
But to be  "at best"... We are talking about a super cool band tee... or something super fly and unique.
For this reason, if you have super nice high ticket items, you are better off taking them to a consignment shop.

As you can see, this isn't a huge money maker.
So please come in with down to earth expectations.
On the other hand, 
This is a great way to make some PPP credit bucks, if you were already planning on coming to shop and you have some cool things to offer up that you were planning on dumping at the goodwill anyway. Win-Win.

Okay well that about sums it up.
We will start taking appointments next week...
Get yer Purge on! 

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