Catching up, around here.

I have been going through my old blog posts lately and because I have not been blogging much about my personal life, i felt a huge gap of memories lost. I know, I know... what did we do before blogs or even photographs for that matter? While I hold these memories in a very safe place in my heart and mind... even then I forget the details as we all do as time goes by. Being able to recount these memories and read my words as if it were just yesterday, fueled a passion in me to blog again.... aside from PPP, for personal value alone...  My girls are growing up too fast... and I love that one day, I can print this out as a book for them.

So because of my neglect to this blog... lets catch up to speed a bit. Ive missed a lot in the last couple of years... but I can at least share the "latest"

My husband & I celebrated our 9 year anniversary.... and guess what? we still love each other ALOT! 

We Spent an insane amount of time in the water this summer.

and because of this Italia took her first ISR { infant safety rescue } class.
She learned how to self rescue and ultimately how to swim. 
I highly recommend these classes if you have a pool at your home or are around water as much as we are.... it has given us so much peace & confidence.

I made this super cool "Mermaid Kids Tee"

We Spent a ton of time at schlitterbahn this summer....

We played outside.... 

We took art classes 

We went for jogs in a double stroller.... { talk about a work - out } pushing these two up hill.

We were patriotic.....

I lost my raybans and bought myself these $14.00 goodies.

 & we still have the cutest dogs ever..... 

P.S. I am totally aware that my pics are not all the same size.... and that used to matter to me.
and frankly it might matter to me , tomorrow... but for now... its good enough i blogged.
be merciful, I'm back, aren't I?

More blogs I promise. if you read, I will write.

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