Around Here

What a week! ... 
Where do I start? 
I have been very "costume" inspired this year.... This is my first year ever making Upcycled Halloween Costumes.  I never knew I loved costumes so much! 

 One of the greatest struggles I have as a homeschooling mama is making sure I have one on one time with Italia. McCoy had my full attention as my first born and sometimes I guilt myself over the fact that Italia has a much different life experience. When I have my regrets about homeschooling, this is on the top of the list, because if I had sent McCoy to school, I would have the days with Italia, just her & I. The pros out weight the cons of homeschooling.... so we home school anyway, but I have to be really intentional about time with Tally.  McCoy is now in an art class on Fridays which allows Tally and I some alone time...  Italia really looks forward to this time and usually asks to go to Red Oak Bakery, her favorite gluten free bakery in town. She is so sweet and always reminds me to get something for McCoy too, so she can gift it to her when McCoy is picked up.  Meanwhile, McCoy is absolutely loving this art class.... so its a super-win! I find myself increasing excited about these little details in life, the way God gifts me gleams of hope and tiny resolutions to things I know I make more of a problem in my head, than it really is....
 One of the classes we incorporated this year into our schedule is sewing class. My mom and I both have shown McCoy around a sewing machine before... but never to this extent. This year since she is 8 and we think she has the capacity to grasp it greater, we started working on this regularly. So far she has made an apron for herself and an apron for her barbie. She is loving it.
The Machine she is working on is a kids janome. It was $69. and I think worth the price.
It runs pretty loudly and functions more like a toy... but it does its job. I love the built in finger guards so she can practice without me hovering over her worried she is going to stitch through her fingers as I have many a times.  All and all I would say its a good little starter machine. 
A daily battle lately has been Italia's outfits of choice. Most of the time, I just can't care and let her wear whatever she wants, if somewhat " appropriate". every now and then I have to put my foot down because she likes to wear her favorites day after day... this kid has more clothes than anyone in the house because she has all the hand me downs... but she strangely dresses like she has nothing. She likes to wear lip gloss and snap on earrings most days... which usually never goes with her ensemble. She keeps things interesting to say the least. 
Speaking of keeping things interesting, as many of you already know, Italia landed in the ER a few nights ago.... splitting her head open. I was inside the house and Donnie and the kids were coming back from chipotle... I heard the truck pull up and then blood curdling screaming. Italia had tripped over McCoys booster seat on the way out of the truck and hit the concrete driveway hard. I knew upon hearing it... it was an emergency. I ran to the door to find Italia in Donnie's arms and him looking at her mouth for blood.  She looked fine... and he assured her she was okay. She calmed down and wiped her tears away. McCoy then who was standing behind her, shouted.... "She is not okay... LOOK!"
and when we looked at the back of Italias head, blood was squirting and dripping out... all over the back of her tank top... it was a sight to see. I am pretty worthless in situations like this... Donnie threw me the keys and told me to drive.. while he held her head tight with a rag until we got to the hospital.
It was a stressful drive. We all just mumbled our individual prayers.... all of us a bundle of nerves.
The good news, is she didn't have a concussion! and she needed only a few staples! She was cracking jokes with the Dr's and making everyone laugh... I had to leave the room with McCoy though, who was a basket case watching her sister bleed... she did the crying for Italia... So empathetic that one.

Happy to report, Italia is doing great... she is back to " wanting" to climb and jump on everything... and of course we are keeping her from doing so. She has slept with us so we can monitor her to make sure she has no problems... and so far so good. We feel blessed. Italia gets her staples out in a few days and she is really excited about that... and keeps asking me what kind of tools they will use to pull them out... their hand,? etc? She is fascinated and doesn't seem the least bit afraid. Maybe we have a future Dr on our hands.... or Motor cross professional. Who knows.


  1. I love that you are blogging like this :) You will be so glad you kept a little journal! I need to get current with ours :/
    Sarah's showing an interest in hand stitching, lately. I feel like a little sewing machine like this one would make a nice Christmas gift. It would inspire me to sit more at my own as we created together :)
    Soooo glad your little one is ok, those are the worst moments! I can feel the blood drain from my head in those moments.... Gabe has a peanut allergy and once we had to use the epipen to literally save his life. It was all I could do to not faint afterwards! I can go through the motions of course, in those emergencies, but really I have to go into robot coma mode to function. I'm a big wuss.

  2. thanks Laura.... its crazy how much you forget if you don't write it down. Its a blessing. thanks for reading. ill be sure to check out your blog soon too. i also haven't read blogs in over a year. I've been out of it. it was a nice break.... but glad to be back