Around Here

What a week! ... 
Where do I start? 
I have been very "costume" inspired this year.... This is my first year ever making Upcycled Halloween Costumes.  I never knew I loved costumes so much! 

Sneak Peek: New PPP Tomorrow.

Catching up, around here.

I have been going through my old blog posts lately and because I have not been blogging much about my personal life, i felt a huge gap of memories lost. I know, I know... what did we do before blogs or even photographs for that matter? While I hold these memories in a very safe place in my heart and mind... even then I forget the details as we all do as time goes by. Being able to recount these memories and read my words as if it were just yesterday, fueled a passion in me to blog again.... aside from PPP, for personal value alone...  My girls are growing up too fast... and I love that one day, I can print this out as a book for them.

So because of my neglect to this blog... lets catch up to speed a bit. Ive missed a lot in the last couple of years... but I can at least share the "latest"

My husband & I celebrated our 9 year anniversary.... and guess what? we still love each other ALOT! 

Saturday 30 Special

2 Ways to receive 30 % off your PPP today.

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Have the Happiest of Weekends <3 

Sneak Peek New PPP Friday + FRINGE in the shop

 TGI " almost" F
Posting New PPP tomorrow.
& So excited to announce our Robin Moratti Fringe is officially in the showroom.
These Necklaces are only $32 and come in a variety of colors.