Special Saturdays ////

Saturdays are special..... and we realize this. 
We are going to be consistently offering up ways to redeem special savings on Saturdays.

The first way to save is for locals, by coming to the New Braunfels Farmers Market wearing PPP. When you show up looking adorable in your PPP, you will automatically get 30% off anything already made on our racks.While we don't bring our absolute newest postings to market, we will bring two racks full of very current and popular styles, and its a great chance to snag em at a super low price. Yes, we take credit cards and yes this market is awesome and you won't regret making plans to come visit.

The second way to save is a new special we will be running every Saturday after market. Each Saturday a random specific item will be on sale for 30% off.... in the showroom and online. You don't have to be wearing PPP to redeem. You can buy them online with a special code or come into the showroom and try some on in person. Today's special item is our super soft earth alternative Cross tee. We have these shirts in a variety of sizes for adults only. Every Saturday this special may change, so get the bargain while its hot. 


The last way to make your Saturday more special, is to wear your PPP out and about. We absolutely love seeing pics of you rocking your PPP, .... so start snapping pics while you are casually livin' the lifestyle. Send us a pic { posting to our Facebook } or tagging us on instagram and automatically get 30% off ANY ALREADY MADE ITEM   ( not custom ) in the ONLINE SHOP ONLY.  We do not accept duplicate photos of the same outfit... but we will accept a photo that was taken earlier in the week { it doesn't have to be on Saturday } it just has to be a "new" photo.  The Code will only work on Saturday.


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