4 Ways to Look Cool and Stay Cool in the Summer Heat.

Sure, for some of us, summer is coming to a close.. but here in Texas our summer has just begun with temps over 100 degrees. I'm not complaining....I actually love the summer.... as long as I'm dressed correctly... and by correctly, I mean "cutely" too.

This summer has been such a "tank inspired" one.. I personally transformed almost every single tee I own into a razor tank, halter tank or scarf dress. I am not sure how I will feel about this come winter, but you gotta remember its 100 degrees here in Texas.... so the furthest thing from my mind right now is winter.

Here are 4 of our favorite ways to stay cool and look even cooler / PPP style.

1. The Scarf Dress
This dress is so elegant and simple. It can be worn layered over a stripey tube top or bralette. We have a few these being made in "gauze" as we speak. You can certainly wear this sweet thing as a beach cover up.  Gorgeous...... 

 2. The Razor Tank 
This tank top is my favorite "go-to". I wear mine to the gym over a sports bra, to the river over my swim suit, with my sweats, with my jeans, with my whatever........ you get my point. This tank, I have personally about ten of them. Cant get enough.
3. The Halter Tank
I love the way this one feels, its covering but still backless. I like mixing mine up, some are more casual from tees, some from silky fabrics... and can be worn out for a fancier occasion. Every time i wear this tank I get so many compliments.... 
4. Layer Gauzey Tank
One of the best things I did this summer was buy a bolt of champagne colored Gauze. I'm addicted. Its heavenly. Its breathable.... and have you seen these in action? Enough said...
So there you have it friends.
Staying cool and looking cool are pretty much the same thing!
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