Organizing the way we operate online

We have been experiencing more and more requests to use our own fabrics for custom orders. Because of this we are in the process of organizing our online shop to be more simple and straight forward. Etsy now offers a helpful variation windows that allow you to choose your size and fabric choice for example. This option should be a huge time saver for all of us. 

How to understand our sections:

The bulk of our items are "ready to wear" which means, they are ready to ship and wear immediately once bought. These items are one of a kind and are made in only one size. We list each size and measurement on each individual listing. Once these items have sold we will not be able to duplicate this one of a kind item. It is forever gone.

PPP Grounded is our newest line… and is made to order. These items are not one of a kind, which means have the option to order in your size and select your color. These items take about 1-2 weeks at most to make and send out.

Customs with your fabrics, means you are offered the similar style but made with your fabrics. The options are endless, you can send in your favorite fabric, team shirt, college shirt or even your Grandmas doilies. This is a fun and creative option for the customer who enjoys the design process of making their very own PPP. This option takes two weeks in general. We do however have to wait until we receive your fabrics in the mail, so as soon as we get all the supplies we can begin. 

Customs with our fabrics, means you are offered the similar style but with our fabrics. We offer some variations for you to select from, but for the most part.. this option is like Christmas Morning. Using our fabrics means there will be an element of surprise.. so this option is not for the picky -eaters. This option takes two weeks in general. 

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