PPP Grounded…. and why ???

PPP grounded is near and dear to my heart. Many of you know me after all these years, I am a lover of color, I am drawn towards the obscure, almost jolting bolts of color, prints and details. Toning anything down has never been my strong suit. I like the lifestyle…. and I want to live it…. fully.

But then something happened to me as of recent. I started to notice how I so often chose my most favorite heather gray tee over anything else in my closet. Sure I'd pair it with some wacky colored bell bottoms , but the shirt became my go to. It was like a second skin.

When shopping, I found myself marveling much less over color and more over texture.
I want soft and I want it even softer than the softest.
Id happily pile in my cart a ton of the softest tee shirts and wanted to keep them all,
even when I had so many.

Discouraged with the recent textile show I went to in La, I dreamt up "PPP grounded " by accident.
I thought, what would PPP be like, if you took out all the prints and made everything super soft and even dare I say muted.? I pondered at this.. and even surprised myself at this thinking.
It wasn't really like me… or was it?
It was like my business was growing up… or maybe I was.
I wanted something else… something more refined, simple and classy… but something one could still totally rock at a music festival.

I wanted something that could be worn a ton of ways, something for a traveler, a simple bohemian living out of an airstream. A go to piece. something that could be worn over and over….
and each time, it would feel like heaven.

and so I started to dream some more….
I loved the lines of PPP… the designs that have been birthed over ten years ago.
I wanted to keep those same comfortable lines, but with a whole new look.

Poor Pitiful Pearl was birthed back in 2004 when a girl had a dream to sew. She hadn't much experience or money… but she had a fierce little glimmer in her eye… and a God who is bigger than all the people who doubted her and told her she couldn't.  The lifestyle embraced all the things she dreamt of, every adventure, every creative endeavor, love, friendship and even down to smallest treasures like coffee and hiking with her dog. PPP, was and is a LIFESTYLE.

and let me get something straight, The lifestyle is still alive and well.
I will continue to make one of a kind things as I always have.
Color will always be my first love.
That's the heart beat of PPP.

Lets face it though, even with the most magical of lifestyles.
One needs a moment. a peace. a place to be grounded.
For me, its my time with God… my hearing of his voice.. the time I spend with him alone.
Sometimes its the letting go of certain wishes or desires….
not because I think I can't do it..
but because I realize its not from him… and he has something better, greater…
even more fulfilling for me.

It sometimes is in the waiting, the longing and even the peace in the storm.
Its the rising from the ashes.. and making beautiful things from the sorrow.
its real life…. and lets be real.
Sometimes real life…  is just plain REAL.

Some believe in balance. Personally, I tend to wax and wane.
I want to live the lifestyle…. and soak up every little bit of it.
and then its time to rest, gather up strength, find refuge in the "not doing"
I think its healthy to stop sometimes and just curl up.

This line I hope embraces that wax/ wane nature of us all.
The jersey fabric truly feels like a cool soft shirt that you will never want to take off.
I also kinda hope it makes you feel like a woodland nature fairy of some sort.
This line evokes something really beautiful and peaceful in me.

---I can't wait to share the whole line with you ---

Stay tuned for next week's launch of the Jersey Line - PPP Grounded Part 2.

Photos// Ashlee Newman
Feather Headband ///Wild and Free
Crochet Sandals/// Run with the tribe


  1. Hi, I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for inspiring me as I start my business, my dream and I begin to live the Lifestyle. I thank you for being bold about how God is real and part of it too. I too have God as my center and you have inspired me to even be bold about my faith in business. Since the first time I read your words from the heart I felt a kindred connection. At the risk of sounding super creepy I just really look up to you. God bless. Speaking of color my business is called Colour Addiction https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/colouraddiction

  2. I really love your tents.. how adorable. thank you for your sweet words on here! Glad that God is glorified through my words and that he is encouraging you! thanks for sharing!