Send in a PPP Photo

Hey Guys!
We had an awesome busy, sunny day at the NB Farmers Market.
Trouble is, I came home terribly ill with "cedar fever"
For those of you who don't live in Texas, let me assure you… its a REAL thing.

My chest and stomach hurt from sneezing every 2 minutes.
I feel a bit dizzy and just plain out of it.
I had to succumb to an allergy pill.
Still hurting though.

Sorry I am late posting this!
As some of you regulars are getting used to it.
You can get 30% off, just like the local marketers after every saturday market
by sending in a pic of you wearing your PPP  via Facebook.

Sale Code: Photo30   expires Monday.

Have at it.

Here's to hoping… I feel better tomorrow. 
I have a bunch of New PPP I want to finish up and do a post come tuesday.
Stay tuned. <3

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