Canceling Market + 50% off Sale.

PPP will not be at the NB Farmers Market this Saturday, sorry.
Donnie will be at a seminar for the weekend and I made a last minute decision to take this opportunity 
to hang low with my daughters… and just take it easy.

Things have been moving super fast around here, and I think we would all benefit from declining a bit.

I know many of you were planning on coming to the market, so my apologies are in form of a huge sale.  I am offer up a 50% off sale { on already made items, including screen printed oxys }
This sale does not include custom orders.

upon check out. 

Making space also for tons of New PPP, including our new line coming super soon. 
PPP Grounded. Can't wait. 

There are over 98 already mades right now in shop.
Claim your faves!
Offer ends Sunday, 26th.

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