PPP Pics WANTED! - get 30% off.

Because many of you are not-local & are unable to come to the Farmers Markets on Saturdays….. we realize you would probably appreciate the opportunity to also wear your PPP and get 30% off, right?

So I decided… that tonight and tomorrow… you can get 30% off… just by simply snapping a pic of yourself wearing your PPP.  { they certainly don't have to be "selfies" but if no-one is around to snap your pic, we absolutely love selflies, the real you, wearing your PPP in your "real" life.! No need for professional photog skills… we just want to see you!

Send pics to: Shauna (at) poorpitifulpearl (dot) com

I will reply back with a code for 30% off.
The discount does not apply to customs.
Code can only be used tonight or tomorrow.

Get Snapping!

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