Around Here....

Remember when I used to blog about my around here's?
Well, here goes.

Its REALLY cold here. I wore fleece socks and rain boots all day long.
yes, rain boots inside the house.
i didn't care.

Here is what I did today, kids were at co-op.
I hammered out custom orders, designed a whole new batch of heart on your sleeves and organized some scrap left overs for some bunting decor.{coming soon}

Today we had our driveway poured today, concrete that is.
We had to have our driveway re-graded so we could park our airstream.
Once we get our airstream parked over here, we can start putting in beds and getting it ready for our California beach trip. Can.not.wait.

Oh and We are on day 6 of insanity and Its insane… {great name for the thing}
 The problem is, I don't have a six pack yet.
So I feel like quitting. Kidding, sort of.
Its actually been a fun time with my husband, gives us something to high five over!

And my best friend moved to Texas.
Pretty much the best thing ever!
 I can't complain right now.

P.S. Not sure if we will brave the market this weekend. Weather report says it will feel like 18 degrees.
and frankly, I just can't do that.
playing it by ear…but my guess is, no.

Ill make up for it, with tons of new PPP next week.
Stay tuned.

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