Meet our new airstream

Meet our new airstream.... 1974, 27 foot beach mobile.
We have worked really hard for this baby. This is not just a trailer to us.
She { name to come }  symbolizes freedom.. for multiple reasons.

For starts, this purchase was entirely Dave Ramsey approved.
We payed of all our debts before we bought her and we payed cash for her. Wahoo!!!

If you know our family well, then you know the blood sweat & tears that brought us to this place.
Donnie and I both are very hard workers and for years we have dreamt about having a traveling vehicle...... it always seemed so lofty....because for as long as I can remember we have been covered in debt.... not allowing us much freedom to do anything besides a yearly vacation by plane.

These vacations were usually back home to California, and usually a skimpy week long.
The week would go by entirely too fast and we never felt that we got enough family, beach and friends time. We debated on moving back to California many times, and we came so close.
Yet, something has kept us here in Texas... not against our desires or will.
God knows.

We love Texas... and we love home.{ California }
The things that Texas has, California never will have.... open spaces, country life, small towns,slower paced living, my entire family, affordable living.
However, the things that California offers, Texas could never offer, beautiful beaches, surfing, friends since childhood, Donnies entire family, and a million and one things to do.

We pondered, we prayed and we prayed some more.
But we couldn't make a move... when really these things shouldn't be that difficult, ha!

Gods timing is everything... and for dreamers like me, often I try to hurry his timing along.
It never results in anything but anxiety and stress.
Both Donnie & I realized that the most important thing for us to focus on was to get out of debt.
Wherever we live, we want to be good stewards of our finances... and for too long,
money has controlled us.... and had us in a choke hold.

Not to say, we are living on easy street , nor would I want that.
We are now living within our means!!! { imagine that }! 
And with that, things seem less hurried, rushed or stressful. 

For those of you who are new to my blog... we achieved being debt free, by years of flipping houses.
Unintentionally, without a master plan, really.
We just lived in a place two years until we knew we could make a profit and little by little we hammered away at 70K in debt. So here we are.... 7 years later.

Today, Donnie picks her up... and we start making a little fort inside of it
to prepare us for our first beach trip.....  

We can't wait for more beach trips, time with family, surfing and camping.
This is such an exciting time for the Hursh Family! 
Can't wait to share more journeys with y'all

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  1. So dreamy and lovely! Big HUGE kudos to you and your family for achieving your dream and working your butts off!:) I too would also love to own an airstream, they are so timeless. XO,R