Farmers Market + New PPP

We always have a blast at the New Braunfels Farmers Market & today was no exception.
We came home with lots of hummus, kombucha and tamales.
The music was awesome, there were tons of people out enjoying the semi-cooler weather.
PPP has def found it's home at the NB market.
Thanks everyone for continuing to come and support such a cool event here locally.

and for those of you non-locals,
I have a super awesome post coming up.  { 40 or so } New PPP
Tuesday 1pm.
Stay tuned. <3 

our weeky 5for50 will be posted wednesday! xo

1 comment:

  1. I'm already planning a day trip to N.B. on my birthday just to hit up the market and say hi (every gal gets what she wants for her bday, right?)
    ;) Hope you're still there in November! Lots of love your way, Shauna....