As many of you know, Our house sold... and in the same week, I got news that my friend Bethany tragically passed away. She was one of the first friends I made in Texas and she was also one of the first ever PPP models.  I am still in shock and am on very little sleep.

Times like this, quickly remind me of how delicate life is, how meaningless it is that I am simultaneously stressing over where my family will live in the next couple weeks. Each day, is a gift... and maybe our last opportunity to love well. 

I have to pull back a bit this week, her funeral is in the next couple of days... and I have way too much on my plate.  I know my limits.... and I'm at my limit.

Please don't read this and worry about me. Please turn your concerns to prayers for Bethany's family, especially her son { a friend of McCoys} he is a precious little 1st grader who is not going to understand the finality of her being gone. Crushes my heart to write that out. 

If you did not see my face book status here is what I wrote:
{ I'm going to be a little late at responding to emails./ so please bare with me }

Between This Hurried Move { still not knowing where we will live in a couple weeks } and the tragic death of my friend, I simply do not have the energy to do another post this week before the farmers market. Instead I will host a 50% off sale. Coupon Code: BACKTOSCHOOL50 The Sale starts tomorrow... and goes till friday night.{ as always, the sale does not include customs} I will have new stuff at the Farmers Market Saturday. Hope to see you there! I am going to need ALOT of coffee this week,, and big prayers. Thanks in advance. - Poor Pitiful Pearl

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