Goodbye little house........

A little history:

When Donnie and I met, we both were carrying around a solid 35K in debt.  We married soon after and our wedding present was a grand total of 70K in debt. GO US! We got pregnant on our honeymoon, and the first year of our marriage was rough, charging groceries to credit cards and too tired from lack of "newborn baby" sleep to do anything about it. With big plans for me to be a stay at home mom/ run a business from home and hopes to someday own a home, we decided to move to Texas, whimpering as we waved goodbye to the beaches of Southern California. It was one of those goodbyes, we felt was both exciting & temporary. Both of us grew up in the ocean, surfing.... taking our dogs to the dog beach, rollerskating/ skateboarding on the strand.....  At the end of the day, So Cal will always be home, even if Texas has become an awesome close second.

I remember the feeling of buying our first home, something I never imagined being able to do. The house was 155K and we thought 7 years ago, that was SO expensive. It was a great house in the country.... far away from every cool thing. Donnie was in heaven, chopping trees for fire wood... loving the country life, I on the other hand was desperate to live in town near a decent coffee shop and yoga studio.  We lived in that house for two years and sold it to move closer into town... { I begged "Austin"... Donnie wanted "Country".... our compromise... was a small little German town called "New Braunfels" right smack in the middle of Austin and the country. The best of both worlds, I think.

Fast forwarding, In the last 7 years, we have owned four houses.  We{ or I should say, Donnie } has lightly remodeled, { electrical, paint, mainly cosmetics } and we began seeing a nice return for our money. The Market is booming in Texas and God has graciously open and shut doors as we prayed and made decisions. After flipping this last house, we are going to be officially debt free.  We have come along way..... and while moving { the actual packing and process } is no fun, I've had a lot of fun, enjoying each and everyone of our homes. I love change and am not typically sentimental about our homes. I feel like no matter where my family is, that is where home is.

Yet, this house we live in presently has stole my heart in a big way. This is the first home here that really feels like home to me. If it were in South Redondo, I would never want to move. The old 1920's charm beckoned me, and the small cottage feel reminds me much of the old beach houses I grew up in. This house is harder to let go of for some reason, more emotions tied in.... and while its only been two years that we have lived here.... its been two great memory filled years and I will miss this one.

I'm a little sentimental right now, ....more happy.... but I might shed a little tear for this place.

So what's next?

I have been hesitant to share, as things can change so quickly.
But I think we feel pretty confident now as to what has been carved out.
We have decided to buy another home here in New Braunfels, as investment and primary place to live { 4 now }We will be buying a fifth wheel/ or some kind of camping trailer so we can get back home more often and travel around a bit. 

Going back to California is always on the radar for us, but for us to live there full time... we still have to iron out  many details... and those things will take time, if we decide to go that route.
 Right now we are going to enjoy living debt free.
Explore and travel a bit.... and camp on the beach a ton.
I think if we go back home more often for vacation, we wont be as home sick/ beach sick.
If you know anything about fifth wheels, etc, please do share your experiences and favorite models etc.
We are looking on craigslist... for something that will be roomy enough for our family, but also fit in a standard driveway.

I feel really blessed to enter into this season. While I of course will still work. I feel less pressure now financially. Its a huge weight lifted and God has certainly rewarded our hard work over the last 7 years. Praise be to him.

Cheer to new adventures! 


  1. Your house is such a pretty place! It's always hard when you get attached where you live, I too am a sentimental being and I even cried when my my husband (boyfriend at that time) left his old apartment to move in with me. Congrats on your new home by the way! :)


  2. Wow! How rewarding to have paid off your combined debt!! I loved doing the Crown Financial Ministries with Pastor Henry Kaney at KHC, and I know so many family have been so blassed by getting their finances in order!! Rock on! And what a lovely home you have made, I am sure the next one will be even better!
    I too an homesick for the South Bay, for having my little guy be on the beach and the strand. One day.